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  1. Hi Katelyn, My name is Sunny,I’m also an architect currently at Make Architects doing my Part one. I really like your work and also unit 15 generally. I use to study at the Bartlett where Nic use to teach, and I always enjoying watching their crits.

    I just love what you guys are doing, therefore I am pretty desperate to join Unit 15 this year. I am currently applying to Greenwich, however I am not that clear about how the admission process work at Greenwich. Is it just like at the Bartlett, that you apply for the school first, and once you got in then you got interview by different unit tutor before the term start — I mean you got choosen by the school first and then by the unit? Or can you apply directly to the unit?

    Also, because Unit 15 is really unique I mean it require a lot of VFX knowledge, do I need to have a lot of VFX experience in order to get in? When you apply, do you have some film made as part of your portfolio?

    Sorry to bother you with so many questions, however it will be so helpful if you could give me any insight of the unit.

    My email is if you have time to give me any reply.

    Many Thanks!


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