Post Cross Crit Ideas

Following the Cross Crit I have been looking into ways of pushing the forms and spaces of my design, as well as the program. My current line of thinking is to ‘wrap’ strong linear elements which contain the main programmatic elements in a more varied and textured form. These wraps will form terraces, balconies, circulation and seating areas throughout the volumes. These terraces and staircases will be formed within these wraps so they become more than simply a facade treatment.

Construction wise? Help probably needed?

Looking into being more ambitious with the program, I quite like the idea that was put forward that one volume feeds the other in terms of services and environments, so perhaps the heat and humidity generated in the exercise/racket sports volume could be harvested to feed the steam rooms etc of the saunas? I quite like the idea that these two spaces could be connected across the void by a single circulation route, and a series of gold/bronze ducting and service routes.

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