First attempt at chronogram for my short film. The premise behind it is that my proposal and the HSBC buliding exist in a fracture of one mind, and in the film the scenes will merge into one another and compete for the screen as the film continues. This chronogram maps the stills from the film in a combined space. The cameras are sited within the office space, but the image you see is my proposal. Equally, the reflection in the window reveals my proposal, tying back into the reflections that I have used in both my site film and intend to use in this film as well.

So, the first image is the single half, which is the image I have worked up. I have experimented with the second image in what it would like mirrored which I really like as well, however I will need to develop some new scenes/images for this to work as at the moment I don’t have enough. The mirrored version would allow me to reflect the other side of my proposal in the window as well, incorporating more of the project which would be nice.

Chronogram_41 Chronogram_41_doubled


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