Scale Compositions

After the success of the previous individual scale comparisons I have already compiled, I have started to look at combining these to form an overall map. Looking at where forms and lines occur in more than one of the overlays. I have started to think about the 3D implications of this as well as the simple 2D map. If the layers were extruded through an overall grid then the ones that pentrated more than one layer would form access points and means of transportation through the strata of the new world…the second image is a very basic draft of how this might start to look. I won’t dedicate too much more time to it until I have had a chance to discuss it as a drawing with the tutors tomorrow. For example, is it worth while getting the dwgs from digimap for these other sites, to enable me to 3D model rather than simply fake it in photoshop.

mixed3d extrude

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