New Job!

So I promised myself that once I had left Uni I would continue to use this blog to keep my work and portfolio up to date…so here is the first instalment of Post-Unit-15-Kate…

I’ve just started a new job at Unit 9 who are into Storytelling, Advertising, Utility, Gaming – unit9 is a modernist production company. It’s a step out of conventional architecture and into, as my job title now suggests, ‘Digital Architecture’ and installations. Already within 2 weeks of being in the job I have worked on 3 different projects all completely different to one another. It’s definitely completely different from anything I’ve done before, starting with the fact that paper is almost non-existent in the office. An entire client pitch is put together digitally using google docs with all the collaborators dropping images and text in, and making comments and alterations.

This is their showreel…I’m hoping to be involved in some stuff that’s as amazing as this! As soon as I have some personal project work to upload I will do.

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