Visa Signature – The Door

Another job I have been lucky enough to see from concept through to completion and not only that, be involved in all sides of construction. Responsible for all the 3D modelling of the hotel rooms seen through ‘The Door’ as well as overseeing the construction and design of the door installation itself…which…aside from being an actual door, needed to house all of the tech, at the right heights.

Using a Visa Signature card to unlock the door, visitors can open this special door and see a realistic 3D projection of a Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection room, stitched together from over a thousand photos taken from a real room. A motion sensor was placed at the top of the door frame to track users’ natural movements, creating a parallax effect: as they move closer to the door, their view of the room changes.

Visa Agency Video from UNIT9 on Vimeo.


The process for creating the hotel rooms was extremely difficult as we were working from a series of photos of the hotel rooms, and then re-creating the rooms in 3D. After the 3D was completed and unwrapped, a designer chopped the images up to create the textures, so they were as realistic as possible. We used Kinect’s to track users interacting in front of the screen, so they could use the inbuilt parallax, and another Kinect at the rear of the installation to track a second user, so they could be composited into the scene.

The coolest thing about the whole project…the MASSIVE 85 inch TV we put behind the door…tv

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